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Welcome to 德克萨斯南方大学’s 大学心理咨询中心’s webpage. We understand that while the college experience can be exciting, it can also be stressful. Demands on time and deadlines for term papers and exams are all a part of being a college student, and that is just the academic side. There may also be issues in your life pertaining to family, 朋友, 室友, 浪漫关系, 以及财务状况.

对一些学生来说, a therapeutic relationship can provide insight and guidance concerning such issues. The mission of the 大学心理咨询中心 (UCC) is to help students enhance their academic and personal well-being. The UCC seeks to provide counseling and support, 危机干预, 悲伤辅导, 外展, and referral services to TSU students.


我们也提供咨询服务, 教育, 培训, and prevention strategies to faculty, 工作人员, 以及大学社区. We seek to promote an environment of inclusion and personal development. Confidentinal counseling services are made available for all currently enrolled TSU students at no additional charge. Our primary responsibilities are to alleviate distress and promote healthy functioning by providing confidential short-term or ongoing counseling services.

这些服务包括, but are not limited to individuals, 夫妻, 家庭和/或团体咨询, 推荐, and public presentations for campus organizations and/or academic classes. The UCC 工作人员 consists of licensed mental health professionals from diverse clinical backgrounds. The UCC consults with psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians when necessary.

This practice allows the 工作人员 to provide quality counseling, 综合护理, 适当的推荐, 咨询, 和培训. The UCC clinical 工作人员 are trained and experienced in responding to a variety of issues encountered by university students.